What we do


Jimmy now combines science and exploration for work exploring the planet searching for Polar Bears on the sea ice of Svalbard, Killer whales on the Antarctic Peninsula, Hammerhead sharks on the reefs of French Polynesia and Leopards in the Acacia woods of the Serengeti.

As well as leading safaris in several of the African countries, Hannah is forging her own path in the area of wellness travel. It's not yoga safaris (although we can do yoga), it's about slowing down and appreciating the immense natural beauty on our planet, and work out how to help preserve the wild ecosystems and all the species who need them to survive. 

Together we are working to create itineraries that take us (and you) into the depths of the wilderness. Combining our experience and knowledge to access areas where we can get lost in vast, seemingly endless landscapes and be amongst the wildest of wildlife. Let's go!