wellness in the wild

The concept of Wellness in the Wild is to create an environment for you to reconnect with nature, and in doing so reconnect with yourself. It is about embracing wellness as a holistic concept - using meditation, aromatherapy, music, breathing techniques and restorative/healing yoga sessions. We need to embrace life, slow down and appreciate the moment. 

A Wellness in the Wild safari is not a yoga retreat. We will tailor our adventures to suit each group, beginning by choosing our destination and time of year. Once we have our itinerary I will begin to pull together the wellness elements to design the ultimate self-reboot. Although Wellness in the Wild began in Tanzania, we can go anywhere in the world. 

Yes, we still drink wine. 

For more info on Wellness in the Wild, or if you'd like to collaborate on a trip with me, please fill in the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. ~ Hannah

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